Best New Tricks to Win at Live Dragon Tiger

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A simple explanation about this game that it is much like Casino War and Baccarat at the same time. Easy to play, fast paced, and played with a real live dealer. Usually this game can only be found at Asian online casinos. The game is so simple to play, you only need to guess which hand will draw a high value card. The cards are ranked according to their face value. King has the highest value, while 1 is the lowest card. Even though the game is really simple to play, it is still a gambling game which purely relies on chance. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot do something to get our winning chances slightly high. Forget the old, here are the best new tricks to win at live dragon tiger.

Best New Tricks to Win at Live Dragon Tiger

Place a Bet on Either Dragon or Tiger

Ignore the tie bet along with the side bets on live dragon tiger. All you need to do is focus on betting on either Dragon or Tiger hands. You don’t need any card counting or other strategies when using this trick. Furthermore, bets on these hands has the lowest house edge. And because the game is fast paced, you don’t have to stress about your betting strategies.

Bet on Dragon or Tiger Until it Lose

With only two betting options – the Dragon and Tiger hand, there can be a possibility of a winning streak. You can see on the lower part of the screen a small table layout where it shows which hand has won a lot of round. Bet on the hands which have more winning streaks, and when it loses, do not switch to the other hand, and wait for the next two rounds before you place a bet again.

Double Your Wager When You Lose

It might be difficult for some players who have a limited bankroll, but don’t worry it will still work for you. How? Choose a table with the lowest minimum bet requirement, because your budget is limited it is the safest option. For those who have unlimited resources, this is perfect for you. Here is an example, if you wagered 50 MYR on Dragon and that bet lost, on the next round double that wager making it 100 MYR, it’s just that simple. You have 50-50 chance of winning because there is only two option that you need to choose.

Ignore the Side Bets

On the internet you will find many betting tips suggesting to place a wager on the side bets. I wouldn’t recommend doing this. Based on my experience playing this game at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, the side bets is hard to predict, the odds are great but still the winning chance is low. Do not be blinded by their payout, stick to betting only on Dragon or Tiger hands.


As you can see the best new tricks to win at live dragon tiger isn’t that too much complicated. It is easy enough even for new player of this game. Good luck to your next live Dragon Tiger game!

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