Denmark’s Spilnu Portfolio enhanced Addition of Evolution Gaming

Denmark’s Spilnu Portfolio enhanced: Addition of Evolution Gaming

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Evolution Gaming is the world’s largest provider of video-streamed Live Casino games, thus offering ‘as real as it can be’ live dealer casino gaming to customers. Live Casino Poker Games Tips for First Time Players

One of the major provider of Live Casino product that offer Evolution Gaming have partnered with the Danish online gambling brand namely Spilnu. It has agreed to supply the Spilnu with the full catalogue of its Live Casino content. As of now, Spilnu is the second largest among the online slots websites in Denmark region.

Denmark’s Spilnu Portfolio enhanced: Addition of Evolution Gaming

Denmark’s Spilnu Portfolio enhanced Addition of Evolution Gaming
Denmark’s Spilnu Portfolio enhanced Addition of Evolution Gaming

Within the terms of the deal, it has been mentioned that the Danish brand along with its gambling patrols shall be provided access to the full suite of Live Casino offering of Evolution Gaming. Games like Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Roulette and Casino Hold’em will allegedly go live on the website of Spilnu. One of the Live Casino options that will be offered by the Danish brand is the Danish Roulette live table. The contents of the games will be available on a variety of platforms as in mobiles, desktops and tablets. The games on the Spilnu’s Live Casino offering will most likely go live just before the end of the summer season.


The co-owner of Spilnu, Anders Christensen, gave his remarks about the involvement of Evolution Gaming Live casino in the online gaming world saying that despite there being abundant amount of benefits from its slots offering, yet they simply just cannot afford to ignore Live Casino as it is among one of the fastest growing segments within the industry of online gaming. He further stated the fact that they chose Evolution Gaming among all others after doing a comprehensive research of all available Live Casino providers since the company is among the leaders in its field and also because it has already established itself as a major provider in the Danish i-Gaming market.

Sebastian Johannisson, who is currently the chief commercial officer of Evolution gaming, made this point clear that the key feature inside the freshly regulated markets of gambling is localized offering. Giving an instance, the head of the company mentioned the extreme success of their Danish Roulette in being able t connect local players and engage their attention. According to his saying in the interview, the key values of Spilnu, namely – “Innovation, Confidence and Entertainment” are in complete collaboration with what is offered by Evolution Gaming. He also mentioned the fact that the apart from the very successful and hit Live Casino titles, gambling customers from all different jurisdictions where the Evolution Gaming contents have gone live; and also the Danish customers, will be in for a treat! This is because they are most likely to be able to play more innovative and newer games in the near future. All this is because of the fact that providers are to further develop the traditional table games into offering which shall deliver higher entertainment values and that too, across different channels. Get the Progressive Jackpot Only in Marvel Roulette

The main benefits offered by this deal by Spilnu are;

  • Since they work with more top-tier operators as compared to any other providers in the market, they lead the pathway in B2B live casino services.
  • The services are delivered to customers efficiently via multiple devices and channels.
  • Real values are added to the game because of the amazingly established enterprise level infrastructure, employees and innovative software.


The main objective of the company has been making operators successful along with giving their well deserved users, an excellent gaming experience. With the vision to lead as the Live Casino providers of the world, the company is very much alive to every opportunity it gets in its overarching values all of which are backed up by ethics like teamwork, integrity, innovation, reliability and flexibility.

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