How Split Bet Works in Roulette Game?

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Roulette game is casino game that uses a small ball and a wheel with numbers in it. It needs your big amount of fortune to win the bet. However, you also can use certain strategy to make the winning money bigger. One of them is by playing the split bet? Before starting, let’s learn how split bet works in roulette game.

How Split Bet Works in Roulette Game?

  • What is a Split Bet?

Split Bet is a bet covering two number squares. In French Roulette it is known by the name cheval. It is called split because the wager is split into two on each number square. The house edge is higher than the other bet option, which is 2.56% for American Roulette and 2.7% for both European and French Roulette. However, the payout of all the three options is 1:17, which is also high and worthy to try.

  • How to do it

Split bets are really simple. To do it, all you have to do is placing chips on the line between two squares. The space covered is not that many, but with great strategy and luck split bets will bring more profit than big range bets such as quads and six lines.

  • Why it works

While it doesn’t cover much space, the payout is higher. And remember, it’s possible to do split bets with outside bets. The odd will reduce, however, they’re still higher than 10 (doing a split bet between a number square and a dozen have 11:1 odd, still a profitable for a bet covering a big space).

  • Strategies to Use with Split Bets

There are several betting strategies to use split bets with, such as:

  • Complete Bets

This bet is a combination between quads and split bets. To use this strategy, bettors cover the corners and lines of an area of number squares with quads and splits, leaving no space between them. There is no limitation to do it – you can make streets, squares, or even cover the whole table. But of course, that will bring more damage than cure. The classic move used by bettors is doing complete bet on three rows in the middle of the table, also covering the dozen.

  • Border Streets

This strategy also covers big spaces. To do it, bettors place their splits at the line between each dozens or the sides. Sometimes, they combine them with quad strategies like The Five Quads.

  • Dozen Splits

For lazy bettors, this strategy may be a good choice. Just put the chips between a number square and the dozen. This way, all of the areas are covered and there will be no mess thinking on strategies. However, please note that this strategy alone gives small profit. Try to combine with other strategies and focus more on the center dozen for best result.

So, are you ready to play it at Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia? Or, do you still have question about how split bet works in roulette game? You already knew the basic things in this kind of bet, now practice is a good way in making you better and get to know about split bet deeper.

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