Mistakes Bettors Usually Make When Playing Blackjack

Mistakes Bettors Usually Make When Playing Blackjack

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Every bettor wants to have perfect play while playing Blackjack. Unfortunately, sometime bettors make some mistakes. Several of those mistakes can be overcome easily, but sometimes there are mistakes that can lead you to the bankruptcy. To avoid them, you should know mistakes bettors usually make when playing blackjack.

Mistakes Bettors Usually Make When Playing Blackjack

Mistakes Bettors Usually Make When Playing Blackjack
Mistakes Bettors Usually Make When Playing Blackjack
  • Not Knowing the Rules

The worst players in casino are the ones who don’t even know how to play. This type of players will slow or halt the game at worst. If you really want to play Blackjack in a casino, make sure to at least remember the basic rules, bets, gestures, and etiquette. If possible, practice it on sites that offer play free or real slots & win huge jackpot prizes or try play casually with your friends.

  • Adopting Bad Etiquette

While gambling may be morally wrong, it doesn’t excuse people for having bad behavior. Bad etiquette will just raise suspicion and often led to a kick out especially in land-based casinos. Adopt these etiquette:

  1. Always use your hand to gesture your move.
  2. If playing with a table, never touch the cards.
  3. If playing hand held, hold the card with one hand. Make sure hold it on the table.
  4. Place chips starting from the highest to lowest value on top.
  5. Don’t touch chips after making a bet.
  6. Don’t be a mid-shoe.
  7. Don’t put any other item on the table
  8. Don’t tell other players what to do except when they ask for advice.
  9. Don’t smoke before asking if you can.
  • Throwing Tantrum When Losing

The best recipe to get kicked out and hated by both dealers and fellow players is throwing a fit each experience of loss. Loss happens to every player, and nobody is responsible for a player’s luck. It really is something childish to do – even though Blackjack also relies on skill, result always depends on luck. If anything, blame your luck and move one with it.

  • Taking Insurance

Some may see the move as preserving, but to actually take insurance while gambling is laughable. If you don’t want to look like a pure amateur, don’t invest on insurance – the dealer will miss blackjack seven out of ten times anyway. The beauty of gambling is the random results, not insured ones.

  • Playing on A Bad Table

Picking the right table is actually the biggest variable bettors can control in order to win Blackjack. Therefore, never take the business lightly. Blackjack is best played in a table that only use single or double deck. Also, get a table with traditional automatic shuffler instead of Continuous Shuffling Machine (CSM) to notch down the randomness. Also, adjust how fast the pace is and how long a session by picking the right number of players. Naturally, smaller table will be faster but have longer gameplay and vice versa.

Try to avoid those mistakes bettors usually make when playing blackjack. Always think carefully before placing any bet. Stay calm is the best key and will lead you to the winning money. If you are afraid of the risk, just play safely so you can surely win and get the money.

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