Not Just Ordinary Person's Idol

Not Just Ordinary Person’s Idol

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Success depends on how you work from it. You need to equip yourself from different unique methods and motivations to ensure that success is coming in your way. With advice as honest and simple as above-mentioned ones, you will surely always become a paradigm of the future’s great personalities and achieve real success. That’s when other people recognize your worth.

Here are basketball stars who are a witness of Kobe’s sports talent and skills.

Tracy McGrady. Many people have recognized this amazing person both as an athlete and as a person. In fact, many people admire and respect the things that he has achieved in his career. In fact, some prominent personalities like Tracy McGrady dubbed him as the best player that he has ever faced. He said that the reason why he had said it was because Kobe has showed consistent competitiveness for the span of 20 years. Apart from that, he stated that Kobe was the kind of player who is capable of bringing out the best in his competitors. That is probably why many basketball players looks forward towards playing against him.

Not Just Ordinary Person’s Idol

Not Just Ordinary Person's Idol
Not Just Ordinary Person’s Idol

Pau Gasol. Having won NBA titles together and being able to play with Kobe Bryant for seven seasons, he has also showed his recognition and gratitude towards this outstanding basketball player. He said nice things about Kobe as also showed gratitude regarding the moments that they have shared both on court or not.

Kevin Durant. Durant says that the 20 years that Kobe has spent with Lakers has been epic. Apart from that, he also stated that it is a great accomplishment to spend over half of his life as a player for NBA. He also added that it is indeed amazing and has also praised the player for being able to spend their entire career in playing for a single team.

Media. There is no doubt that this great basketball player has so many fans all over the world. However, he is also one of those who have tons of fans who belong to the media. Well, they follow him not because they wanted to ask questions but they are there to have photos taken of their Idol. In addition, most of them has been screaming and applauding whenever they see him. With that being said, his popularity has truly extended to the media. Thunder Beat Clippers in the Last Minute of the Game

Even at a very young age, he showed great passion and ability in playing basketball. In fact, he has been even been known as a standout player who was selected by Charlotte Hornets and then traded to Los Angeles. The first match where he participated in occurred in January 27, 1997 against Dallas Mavericks in which he was the youngest game starter at the age of 18 years old.

Just like what was mentioned before, Kobe Bryant played as a Guard for LA Lakers. The accolades that he has received includes NBA championships and Olympic gold medals. Apart from that, he has also made tons of appearances in the NBA All-Star games in which he was also dubbed as the player who has received the most wins with four awards.

As a player, he has his own technique in playing basketball. That is probably what made him remarkable in this industry. He has made huge accomplishments in the NBA games that he has played. This includes being a player who has achieved the most three point goals in the field, as he was able to score 12 3-point shots. Apart from that, he was also the youngest basketball player who was able to score 30,000 in a career in NBA. Kobe is almost everyone’s idol in Basketball. Even other stars admire him! The Great Squad of England for EURO 2016

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