Popular Asian Themed Live Dealer Games Played Today

Popular Asian Themed Live Dealer Games Played Today

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With the technological advancement today, it is now possible to play live casino games on our pc and mobile devices. Besides, we are now able to enjoy the games that is played in Asia pacific regions which before we cannot play abroad. What are these popular Asian themed live dealer games played today? Continue reading and you will find out.

Popular Asian Themed Live Dealer Games Played Today

Popular Asian Themed Live Dealer Games Played Today
Popular Asian Themed Live Dealer Games Played Today

Live Dragon Tiger

This casino game is a table game which is played with Standard English decks of 52 cards; no jokers nor wild cards are used. Usually, dragon tiger uses the blackjack shoe to hold the six deck or eight decks of cards. Unlike other card games, here you don’t play against the dealer; but like baccarat your goal is to choose between Dragon and Tiger on which will receive the highest ranking card. What’s more, unlike baccarat the dealer only deal 1 card to each hand.

Cards in the game are ranked according to their face value. This means the highest ranking would be the K (King) and lowest is A (Ace). In addition, regardless of where the player places their bets, if both hands receive the same card, like 5 vs 5 then the result would be a Tie and all bets of the losing wagers are returned less the commission. However, if you win on the Tie wager you will win 8:1 of your bet.

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Chinese Fantan

Chinese Fantan is an ancient game from China which dates back thousands of years ago. It is usually played on a flat surface with betting options written all over it. Before, the game uses a handful of small bones, but today, you can see that the casinos use small plastic beads and a cup to hold them.

The goal of the game is simple, all you need is to predict how many beads will remain on the table once the dealer groups them by four. For instance, if four small beads are left, then the wager on 4 will win and so on. The payout for this bet is 4:1, minus a commission which is usually 5% and below.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo, a game that uses three dices which is widely popular in Asia. The name Sic Bo means “Dice Pair” which is confusing since as mentioned earlier it uses three dices. Players bet on what they think the total value of the dice will be, high, low, double and triples. There’s also a specific bet such as a non-pair two-dice combination (a 5 and a 6) and the single number bet.

At the live casino, the dealer uses a glass container with automated shaking of the three dices with a press of a button. The winning areas on the table layout light-up indicating the winning bets. The house edge of Sic Bo varies among online casino sites, from 3% up to the highest as 33% on various bets.


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