The Nuts and Bolts of NFL Defensive Concepts

The Nuts and Bolts of NFL Defensive Concepts

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Want to know more about NFL defensive concepts? Below are the basics and essential concepts of both NFL offensive and defensive strategy: Things You Need To Know About American Football

Basic NFL Defensive Concepts

The Nuts and Bolts of NFL Defensive Concepts
The Nuts and Bolts of NFL Defensive Concepts

Usually, for the football Sports fan, the work of a particular NFL defense remains a bit of a mystery. People often say, “Defense wins championship” but more that, they do not understand how it goes. Here are the basic NFL defensive terms:

  • Mike – this is usually responsible in plugging up the run. That is why he usually leads his teams in tackles.
  • Zone Coverage. Rather than matching with a particular man, such defensive players are considered responsible to cover a “zone” and keep disciplined in that zone.
  • Free Safety – this also known as “deep safety” which is often faster than the strong safety since the player relies on covering receivers man-to-man or covering more ground in Cover-1 schemes.
  • Nose tackle – this refers to the huge defensive lineman that lined up over the center. Nose tackle also has its job to clog the run or even eat up blockers in order to free his LBs in making plays against run.
  • Man-to-man coverage – this is where a team can play man defense exclusively even with their linebackers or safeties. In some cases, the teams that run predominantly man coverage do so on their personnel strength.
  • Outside linebacker – this describes the pass-rushing LBs in a three to four scheme.
  • Strong Safety – this is usually the eight player in the box within the oft-heard “eight men in the box”.
  • It handles TE coverage and is the one who goes off the field once the defenses tend to go to nickel formations even if some coaches like to shift SAMs inside and then remove another player.
  • Will or weak side linebacker – this is often the quickest of among the three linebackers. It is also responsible for covering the most ground.
  • Technique – this describes how a particular lineman lines up relative to the offensive linemen. In general, technique system describes the reasons of four to three defensive linemen to put up bigger stats as compared to 3-4 DLs.

Most Basic Defensive Alignments

4-3 Defense – since 1940s, this type of defense worked for a long time. This is the base defense run made by most teams in NFL. This involves four down linemen, three linebackers as well as four defensive backs. In this defense, the linemen usually have one-gap responsibility. It also tackles line up in the “A Gap” as well as defensive ends in B or C Gaps, which depends on his assignment. The three linebackers such as SAM, WILL and MIKE, then take assignments depending on where the TE lines up. In that sense, the defensive backs will then receive their coverage assignments as well as play either man or zone based on the call.

3-4 Defense – in early 1990s, the introduction of diverse fronts in the 4-3 defense helped those undersized players to succeed in that particular scheme, which leads the popular 3-4 defenses on the 1980s. However, the difficulty in maintaining and developing true 4-3 defensive linemen has only led to a move back to the 3-4, having roughly half the league that runs it as a base defense. The particular idea of this defense is intended for undersized football players who are talented pass-rushers to explode off the edge coming from a two-point stand. It even plays into the idea that the key in the game today is deception. In that sense, the 3-4 defense of today’s NFL is considered simple economics. You’ve surely learned a lot about NFL defense concepts. The actual Open community Report of 2015 NFL Betting

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