What to Do When You Think the Casino Dealer is Cheating on You

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Isn’t it annoying to find out that you are actually cheated by the casino dealer? You have been playing clever but still the casino dealer can do some dirty moves. So, what to do when you think the casino dealer is cheating on you? This situation is tricky but these moves may help depending on the situations.

What to Do When You Think the Casino Dealer is Cheating on You

  • Leave and Report it

It is such a dilemma when you feel that the dealer cheats on you. You want to keep playing but you think that it is not fair. If you are already hitting the roof, it is better for you to leave the online casino. It will just make the dealer happy and you are being too kind. They are felons, dude. It actually is a rare case that an online dealer cheats on the customer. But, if that happens to you, just walk away. Get the hell out of the game. After leaving the game, you can call the authorities. Report the specific date, time, place, and the dealer’s name.

It is also possible to report it to the floor supervisor for such incident. Commonly, it will be responded with immediate examination on the location. You need to be there. This is a good solution that actually saves more players but it is only applicable if you think it is easy to catch the dealer and if the situation is safe for you as well.

  • Try to Turn the Game Honest

Cheating the dealer back may not be a wise solution. Once they can prove that you are cheating on them, you are going to be in a real trouble. Otherwise, try to turn the game honest. Push the dealer to deal honestly. Try not to be distracted by whatever the dealer does. Stay in the right track. Because if you do cheat like them, what makes you different with those dealers?

Sometimes, it works to make gestures indicating that you know he or she is cheating. The gestures should also suggest that there is security features that the dealer tries to defy. For example, look at the dealer and his hands whenever he looks at you, look back, look at the nearest security camera or supervisor, and look to the dealer again. Just give him poker face so he doesn’t know if you are scared of him, if you are.

  • Never Rely on the Dealers

Dealers are supposed to report suspicious behavior that may allude to cheating. You should be sensitive to the movement of the dealer. Do not fully trust the dealers. If you smell something suspicious, just leave and change to another table. It is not worth it to lose your money on unfair game.

Cheating dealer is a threat as well for the casinos even though it is also possible that they act on behalf of the casino if it isn’t the eligible one. After all, cheating in a casino is a high risk action. Even though you feel that the dealer is cheating, no need to do the same way. Knowing what to do when you think the casino dealer is cheating on you hopefully saves you from any harmful things in playing online casino. Good luck!

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