Winning Strategies in 7 Up Baccarat

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Being one of the favorite casino games in Asia, many Asian casinos have tried to create some variants of Baccarat. One of them is 7 Up Baccarat, created by the Marina Bay Sands casino in Singapore. The changed rule influence the payout, thus you need some winning strategies in 7 Up Baccarat.

Winning Strategies in 7 Up Baccarat

Rules of 7 Up Baccarat

The most important rule which modifies the regular Baccarat’s ones is that the player hand will receive a seven as the start out card. The seven printed on the felt indicates this rule. This simple modification leads to the alteration of probabilities, strategies, and even payout.

Before the The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia dealer deals the cards, the player must place his wager. Players can either bet on the player or the banker hand. They can also place their wager on side bets, such as betting on ties and the super sevens. Next, the cards are dealt from four to eight decks, however usually the dealer uses six decks.

The player then will receive a single card dealt from the shoe. On the other hand, the banker will get two cards as usual. After that, the 7 Up Baccarat’s rules about drawing and shuffling pretty much follow their original counterpart. Therefore, whether the player or the banker needs to draw the third card will be determined by the standard rules.

The 7 Up Baccarat produces three possible outcomes. The first, winning on the player hand will payout at even money, except winning with a total of seven, paying out one to two. Then, winning on the banker hand will also payout at even money, except winning with a total of seven, paying out nine to five. The last one is the ties which happen if both hands get an identical total score. Ties result in a push, which returns all bet.

Bettors can also bet on the ties. If bettor wins a tie bet, it pays out at seven to one. However, it excludes the tie with a total of seven, this tie pays out nine to one. The 7 Up Baccarat also provides players with an additional bet called super sevens.

This bet’s payout is based on the total number the seven cards shared by both the player and banker hands; it also includes the player’s first seven. The super sevens’ bet payouts are two to one for two sevens, five to one for three sevens, 17 to one for four sevens, 70 to one for five sevens, and 700 to one for six sevens.

Some Winning Strategies

There are two strategies that we can offer for gamblers who are interested in playing the 7 Up Baccarat. The first, it’s better for players to bet on the player hand. Even though the banker hand has less house edge of 2.56% compared to the player hand, having a house edge of 2.60%, the banker hand is expected to lose 42.8% of all bets compared to 41.0% for the Player hand. The second advice is that the side bets in the 7 Up Baccarat give more profits than in the standard Baccarat.

It’s amazing how a simple alteration can result in various advantages for the players. Mastering Winning strategies in 7 Up Baccarat does require many practices. However, the side bets can give you much cash and satisfaction. Are you ready to reap the benefits of playing 7 Up Baccarat?

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